Cooperative Societies

The cooperatives department at Yaakov Salomon Lipchitz & Co. has accumulated, over the years, an extensive experience in representing and counseling all kinds of cooperatives; including Kibutzim, Moshavim, as both agricultural cooperatives and industrial cooperatives.

Advocate Nimrod Tepper heads the department, and provides a rich array of legal services; including the establishment of cooperatives, drafting of company regulations and registration. Furthermore, adv. Tepper represents his clients in the Companies Registrar, and analyses the specific pros and cons of operating as a cooperative.

Nimrod also provides his cooperatives clients with an ongoing representation and counsel; including their general assemblies, boards and internal audit, in all manners of law regulating cooperatives. Also, Nimrod provides strategic planning concerning the relation between the cooperative and its members and between the cooperative and the central cooperative.

Nimrod has a one-off, exclusive experience, which was gained by working closely, and for many years, with cooperatives, managing creditor arrangements and substantial structural rearrangements. He has worked with the family sector, major cooperative actors, communal establishments, agricultural cooperatives, farmers and creditors; at the same time, and in accord with the firm’s spirit, he developed and nurtured a deep and extensive relationship with the cooperative industry.

Finally, Yaakov Salomon Lipchitz & Co. has an extensive and rich experience in representing various clients; including banks and investors on their various dealings with cooperative bodies; including mergers and acquisitions, funding, investments and debt arrangements.