Arbitration & ADR

The Arbitration and Mediation Department of YSL & Co. is headed by the sure-handed of Yigal Borochovsky, who brings many years of experience and business knowledge to the table, which, together with his staff, converted the department into a highly-capable and singular one in Israel. Dispute resolution constitutes an intrinsic part of Israel’s legal system, to the effect of gradually becoming a parallel track to the traditional court system. This system is commonly known as the “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR).

The partners of the Dispute Resolution Department have reaped a sterling reputation in the Israeli legal system due to their professionalism, excellence and unbending integrity during many important procedures of arbitration and mediation.

From corporate to employment disputes, real estate to construction disputes, the experienced arbitrators and mediators of the firm help their clients across the globe to explore the due alternatives to litigation. During mediation and arbitration, the partners of YSL & Co. emphasize the importance of an efficient and fair process that will allow the parties to conduct an open and honest dialogue. The objective is to identify common interests and to reach the optimal solutions for the given parties.