The insolvency department in Yaacov Salomon, Lipschütz & Co, have gathered considerable knowledge and vast experience regarding all stages and aspects related to insolvency situations, Liquidation procedures, receiverships, freezing procedures, drawing up debt-settlement and any other intermediate stage of insolvency procedures or by taking precautions that might prevent them to occur.

The attorneys in the insolvency department have gathered extensive knowledge along with wide experience while managing a complex and complicated cases of the major players in the Israeli markets, on the one hand as creditors and correspondingly as debtors.

The veteran expertise of the insolvency department in the firm is characterized by high expertise in all aspects of receiverships (along with real estate assets and project completion in construction) drafting and accompanying debt-settlement agreements and customers conducting investigations in the framework of liquidation and receivership proceedings.

Among the department clients, there are many organizations, including banks and other leading financial institutions, private and public companies, cooperative cooperation's, associations and also private citizens.
The insolvency department is cooperating in full collaboration with other departments in the firm, along with the banking, cooperative societies, real estate, crisis management and litigation departments. This cooperation allows the attorneys in the department to provide full and extensive escort to the clients of the firm in different aspects of assets' realization and insolvency proceedings that requires addressing consideration of additional aspects that are within the area of expertise of those departments.

As a result of the wide experience gained by the firm throughout the years in the insolvency procedures field, the attorneys in the department gained familiarity and knowledge that assisted them to manage complex and complicated cases along with precedential cases, in which the attorneys faced with core subjects in this complex field of practice.

As a result of the insolvency department's reputation and expertise, the attorneys in the department are being appointed on a regular basis, by the courts in Israel as receivers, liquidators, trustees and special managers, by the parties' request, or by official appointment by the courts or by the official receiver.

Furthermore, the insolvency department holds a unique expertise in instances where such proceedings are taken against unique debtors such as cooperative societies. Is should be noted that the heads of the department are being regularly appointed as trustees or liquidators by the registrar of cooperative societies.