Yaacov Salomon Lipschütz & Co. has developed extensive expertise in widespread activities in the antitrust field, from the stage of initiation of a project by the client and the establishment to the different phases of the ongoing activity of the business of the client, as a viable, functioning unit.

The lawyers in the firm, who have specialized in the anti-trust field, provide preliminary consultation in conducting business acquisition transactions, mergers or joint ventures, while assessing their standing within the law, and the need to get permission from the antitrust authority- evaluating the likelihood of receiving it, examining the regulations of the law with respect to monopolies and the possible outcome of legal proceedings instituted by the Israeli antitrust authority as well as representing the clients in their dealings with the Israeli antitrust authority.

The firm's clients are assisted by its expertise in the antitrust field on an ongoing basis in order to observe and inspect the validation of the terms of their business transactions within the law and its regulations regarding antitrust matters. The clients also receive legal counseling in the inception of exemption or exceptions on specific agreements, so as to provide responses and information, requested by the Israeli antirust authority. In addition, the firm appraises vulnerabilities and risks in the antitrust field and prevents them in advance by constructing internal enforcement plans for the client.

Furthermore, the firm represents its clients before the antitrust authority with respect to the warnings given by the authority before taking criminal procedures, in hearings designed to determine whether an cartel exists. It also represents its clients before the Antitrust Tribunal and the Court for Business Appeals, as well as civil proceedings in which antitrust issues may arise.