Environmental Law

The environmental law department at Yaakov Salomon Lipchitz & Co. is amongst Israel's most prominent and bulging environmental law departments. The department has a rich and extensive experience in representing and counseling various set of clients, including industrial plants, quarries, energy companies, real estate entrepreneurs, agricultural establishments and leading transportation companies.

The department has taken an active role in many claims and class action lawsuits, some of which are amongst Israel's most complicated and high profile cases – including the Kishon lawsuit and the Ramat Hovav case.

Environmental laws have substantial effects over the industry and agriculture. The department's attorneys assist their clients in understanding and assessing the environmental considerations pertinent to their needs and provide them with a persistent counsel concerning the ways to avoid inhibiting effects of environmental regulations, including fees, taxes and fines.

The department also counsels the firms' clients over various environmental issues; including water pollution, air pollution, odors and hazards. The department represents clients in all kinds of legal proceeding, civil and criminal alike – that have an environmental element to them.

Finally, the department represents clients from the waste management branch, including private sewage companies and water purification companies.