Real Estate

The real estate department iofpart of Salomon Lipchitz & Co is real estate is one of the most accomplished in the Israeli market, having an opulent and divers expertise, including a specialization in design, development and the establishment of different projects throughout the land.

For the last 20 years, the division handled the establishment of dozens of malls and shopping centers, and provided a leading role in the ongoing operation of dozens of commercial centers of all kinds. The division represents some of Israel’s biggest names in the shopping centers branch.

The speciality of the division also includes the tasks of advising on matters of construction law, drafting contracts and tenders, managing the funding of the projects, addressing the rental of the projects, and negotiating and balancing the different interests of the sides to every transaction; including demands made by the bank funding the project, hiring insurance advisors and technical advisors, and counseling about the ongoing management of the establishment.

This particular sub-division of law commands abundant knowledge and experience, and our division has obtained that particular knowledge through countless hours of intense work alongside its clients.

Additional specialties of the real estate department:• Acquisition and selling of land and other real estate properties;• Establishment and ongoing management of gas-stations;• Real estate purchasing groups;• Urban renewal projects;• Assisted living;• Selling of real estate as part of liquidation procedures;• Selling, buying and renting apartments;