Yaakov Salomon Lipchitz & Cos' insurance department has extensive experience in representing a wide variety of clients; including domestic and foreign insurance companies, corporations, seaports and individuals. The department's attorneys provide their clients with various legal services; including litigation, arbitration, mediation and ongoing, comprehensive legal counsel.

The department represents prominent players in the Israeli insurance market and as such, it took a pronounced part in several formative lawsuits.

Our insurance department is involved, inter alia, with the representation of clients against domestic and foreign insurers, negotiating, mediating and arbitrating in international, grand-scale cases, involving insurance disputes over large-scale damages. Finally, the department represents various local and foreign insurance companies in subrogation lawsuits – including the Mt. Carmel fire incident.

Furthermore, our insurance department provides in-house legal counsels and CEOs with ongoing legal counsel on all matters of insurance issues,i.e., the drafting of insurance policies and other documents, counseling for insurance companies on matters of recognition of claims, and counseling individuals regarding their insurance interests.

The extensive expertise, as it was accumulated by the departments' attorneys, allows our attorneys to thoroughly manage high-profile lawsuits on all instances.