The firm's torts department provides the firm's clientele with varied legal services and comprehensive legal counsel. Amongst our clients, one could find some of the most distinguished corporations, domestic and international insurance companies, seaports and  private individuals.

Our torts department has an extensive experience in representing a wide spectrum of legal actions, including high-profile and uniquely complex lawsuits. The department holds specialty in personal injury; including workplace accidents, medical malpractice and traffic accidents, property damage; including fire damage and agricultural damage as well as malpractice lawsuits, which are carried against lawyers, accountants and insurance agents.

Furthermore, our department handles subrogation lawsuits – including a suit filed for the damages caused by the Mt. Carmel fire.

The torts department also handles lawsuits of an immense financial scope, including the representation of factories and plants in environmental lawsuits, like the 'Kishon Lawsuits' and 'Ramat Hovav Lawsuit'.

Our department represents both plaintiffs and respondents in all manners of torts procedures: insurance policy lawsuits, traffic accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, litigation for and against domestic and foreign insurance companies, negligence suits, as also vis-a-vis medical boards and the National Insurance Institute.