Money Laundering prohibition

The Money Laundering Prohibition Department of Salomon Lipschutz & Co. has unique and diversified experience in representing clients and rendering counselling on subjects relating to the prohibition of money laundering.

The Department provides extensive ongoing legal counselling and is deeply involved in this developing innovative field, and the implementation of the Prohibition of Money Laundering rules and proper regulatory management in banks and other entities.

In recent years the Department has reached considerable achievements and created court precedents, in different instances, in a variety of issues relating to money laundering disputes.

The lawyers at the Department of Prohibition of Money Laundering have extensive experience and knowledge of managing lawsuits and legal proceedings in the commercial field in general and the field of prohibition of money laundering in particular.

Adv. Noam Bar David is Head of the Department of Prohibition of Money Laundering. He joined the legal team of Salomon Lipschutz & Co. in 2002 and has been a partner since 2009.


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