Administrative Law & Tenders

The administrative law and tenders department has vast and diversified experience in advising and representing both individuals and entities from the private sector, as well as governmental and municipal authorities and bodies (such as local municipalities and government companies) regarding all aspects of public and administrative law, with respect to matters relating to tenders, planning and construction, public transportation, local municipalities and municipal rates, environmental restrictions, allegations of discrimination regulation and, , the freedom of information, the freedom of business, the freedom of speech and other basic and constitutional rights.

Public and administrative law influences almost all aspects of life including business, financial and industrial activities. Governmental and municipal authorities and bodies increasingly influence the life of the individual, and the activities and operation of business entities, by the use of legislation, regulation, issuance of licenses and permits, allocation of national resources (with or without public tenders) and by entering into various transactions with parties from the private sector or providing such parties with obligating governmental promises.

Our administrative law team has vast and diversified experience in the administrative law and provide reliable legal representation to their clients in a wide variety of aspects, by analyzing and counseling regarding implications of the applicable law or regulation or the implication of a proposed law or regulation, representation of clients in all negotiations and dealings with the applicable governmental or municipal body or authority and, if necessary, representation of clients in all related litigation proceedings, at all levels of the Israeli court system, including the High Court of Justice, the various Administrative Courts and Municipal Courts and in various building and planning committees and appeal committees.

Furthermore, the department developed extensive experience and expertise in advising clients regarding all aspects of a wide range of complex, large scale public tenders that are being published by organizations, local authorities and municipalities as well as private bodies.

The department deals with a variety of transportation-related public tenders with respect to the operation of public transportation lines by busses and cabs (including tenders published in the context of the privatization process of the public transportation market in Israel), the operation of designated transportations solutions and the establishment of light railways, a variety of infrastructure related public tenders with respect to the operation of quarries and roads and railways infrastructure, a variety of real estate related public tenders published by the Israel Lands Administration and a variety of public tenders for the procurement of equipment and services.