Corporate and Commercial Law

The department of Corporate and Commercial Law of Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. has many years of experience in successfully representing a broad spectrum of clients, both from Israel and the international market.
The firm's client list includes, among others, Fortune 500 companies, banks, public companies, start – ups (in the fields of biotechnology, the Internet and green energies), industrial enterprises, partnerships, cooperatives and individuals.
The firm advises its clients in transactions like mergers or acquisitions of assets and shares, investments, joint ventures, spin-offs and reorganizations.

The firm represents its clients through all phases of the transactions, from the initial planning to the stages of implementation and closing. The firm's added value lays in the diversity of the firm. The department corporate lawyers work in conjunction with other attorneys of the firm, who specialize in different areas of law, pertinent to the transaction, such as antitrust, labor law, real estate, intellectual property and banking.

In addition, the firm offers advice in drafting agreements and other necessary documents for the establishment of companies, partnerships, associations and cooperatives in Israel.

The firm's commercial department offers its clients a wide range of services, including:

- Franchising, marketing or distribution agreements.
- Cooperation and partnership
- Joint Ventures
- Non-competition and confidentiality contracts
- Manufacturing agreements
- Service provider agreements
- Sale, purchase, import and export of goods and equipment