The founding of the firm by Harry Sacker, Solicitor, continuing by the firm management by Yaacov Salomon, adv. & Naphtali Lipschutz, adv.


Representation of the Israel Electric company since before the establishment of the State of Israel continuing until the present


Acquisition of the lands in Haifa Bay – Kibbutz Afek – a client that is still represented by our firm


The transfer of our offices to its home in Haifa, from which the firm operates until the present


The appointment of Naphtali Lipschütz, Advocate, to the committee drafting the regulations for Land Settlements

Accompanying the establishment of Caesarea in accordance with the dream of Edmond de Rothschild


The struggle of establishing the city of Haifa


Representation of the Jewish Settlement movement before the British army authorities with respect to all of the implications that flowed from the events of "Black Shabbat"


The "Tubianski Affair" - representation of Isser Baeri, the head of the security services, in the trial that led to the execution of Meyer Tubianski


Levi Eshcol lays the cornerstone for the establishment of "Miles", later named "Gadot", which is still represented by our firm


Even then there was activity for the benefit of the community


The "Lavon Affair"  - representation of Benjamin Givli, Head of Intelligence, before the Investigation Committee

The path of fate – headed the Committee for the Development of the Kishon – a matter which led in the 2000's to the "Kishon" lawsuits which our firm is intensely involved in


The appointment of Naphtali Lipschütz, Advocate, to the committee drafting the regulations for Land Settlements


The "Ships of Cherbourg" Affair – legal and active representation in the release of the "the foreign citizen" who purchased the ships, and the trunsferof the ships to the Israeli Navy

Along Their Path

Elisha Ben Shachar

Born 1905 (fifth generation to founders of the new settlement in Israel – builders of Jerusalem quarters and founders of Petah Tikva). He graduated from London law school (first and second degree) cum laude, where he was also admitted to the Bar at Gray's Inn Chambers. In 1929, following the pogroms, Yaacov returned to Israel from the USA and joined Harry Sacher's office in Jerusalem.

In 1930 Yaacov founded his first independent office in Haifa and then joined S. Horowitz & Co. as a partner. Later on, with Naftali Lipschutz, he co-founded the partnership Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co.

Throughout the years of his work and activity, Yaacov Salomon was interested in the political events in Israel before and since the establishment of the State. He was involved as a barrister in many sensational affairs including, among other things, his intensive activity during the "Black Sabbath" days in Yagur, the espionage trial of British Silvester who was working for the IEC in Jerusalem, Isser Be'ery's trial following the execution of Meir Tobianski, representing (senior officer) Binyamin Gibli as part of the "Lavon Affair", the espionage trial of scientist Kurt Sita, the "Cherbourg Ships Project" and many more.

As part of his public activity Yaacov Salomon served as a member of the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors of the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa; chairman of the supervisory committee of the Military Academy next to the Reali School; one of the founders of the Israel Maritime League and then the Naval Officers School, and co-founder of the Israel National Maritime Museum.

Yaacov Salomon taught and inspired generations of first-rate lawyers and judges in Israel, and was considered by many as one of the greatest litigators ever appearing in Israeli courts.

Yaacov Salomon passed away in 1980.


Naftali Lipschutz (founder)

Born in Lviv 1908; his father, Rabbi Eliezer Meir (REM) Lipschutz, was a known author, member of the Hebrew Language Committee and first director of the Mizrachi Teachers Seminary in Jerusalem.

In 1926 Naftali Lipschutz was enrolled as a student in London University's UCL College Faculty of Law, where he graduated in 1930 and was admitted to the Bar in 1931.

In 1935 Naftali returned to Israel and in 1938 was admitted to the Jerusalem Bar Association. On January 1, 1940 he joined S. Horowitz & Co. as a partner. The other partners at that time were advocates Yaacov Salomon and Abraham Levin. Later he founded jointly with Yaacov Salomon the partnership Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co.

Not only was Naftali Lipschutz intensely involved in his profession and acting as one of the most brilliant lawyers and litigators in the State of Israel, he was also appointed by David Ben Gurion as the first supervisor of absentee property in Haifa and the vicinity.

Naftali Lipschutz founded "Carmel" elementary school in Haifa, today a large and prosperous state religious school, as well as the religious high school for girls in Haifa.

Naftali Lipschutz served as a member of the Technion's Board of Governors, member of the Technion's Executive Committee, member of the Executive Committee of Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, member of the Bar Ilan University's Executive Committee and later also a member of the Board of Trustees and Founders Committee of this University.

As an intellectual and man of letters, Naftali Lipschutz was involved in writing and editing the memoirs of, inter alia, Yoel Zussman, former President of the Supreme Court, Yitzhak Kahan, former President of the Supreme Court, and the book in honor of another Supreme Court president "Shimon Agranat, Octogenarian". Naftali Lipschutz was a renowned collector and owner of one of the largest and most valued private libraries in Israel.

Naftali Lipschutz's son, Adv. Moshe Lipschutz, was following his father's footsteps in the law firm and served as a partner for many years until his retirement.

Naftali Lipschutz passed away in 1997.


David Goldenblatt

Born 1940; graduated from law school (B.C.L), McGill University Montreal, Canada 1964.

David became a member of the Quebec Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association and later, after immigrating to Israel, also a member of the Israel Bar Association. He joined Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. as a partner in 1981.

David was known for his good manners, his analytical observation of any legal issue, his ability to draw up and phrase multiple-party mega contracts, and his excellent sense of humor.

David's professional expertise was mainly commercial law, including the capital market and issue of shares both in Israel and abroad, and for many years was in these fields of expertise the right hand man of IEC's legal department.

David passed away in 2014.

Elisha Ben Shachar

Born 1952; graduated from law school (LL.B), Bar Ilan University 1977.

Elisha joined the Israel Bar Association in 1978 and became a partner in Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. in 1987.

Elisha was a first-rate lawyer and advocate, of creative vision and sharpness of thought. He was a scholar, a man of letters and poetry, wideness of perspective and knowledge – from the Jewish bookcase to history of the world.

Elisha's professional expertise was mainly labor law (collective and private) in which he left his mark in numerous precedents and court rulings. He provided consultation in civil affairs, appeared and advocated in different instances, arbitrations, planning and construction laws and environmental protection law.

Elisha passed away in 2013.